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Haruki Murakami - Tony Takitani Quotes
Saturday, July 16, 2016 Saturday, July 16, 2016 0 comments

"I've lived the way i wanted to all these years, he thought. I've slept with tons of women. I've eaten a lot of good food, and had a lot of good times. There isn't so much in life that i'm sorry i missed. Besides, I'm not in any position to complain about being killed. It's just the way it goes.."

"Life ; I'll never understand it.."

"The moment he first saw her, his chest tightened, and he could hardly breathe.. Not even he could say what it was about her that had struck him with such force.."

"He generally took no particular interest in what people wore, but there was something so wonderful about the way this girl dressed that it made a deep impression on him ; indeed, one could even say it moved him. There were plenty of women around who dressed elegantly, and plenty more who dressed to impress, but this girl was different..

"Utterly different. She wore her clothes with such naturalness and grace that she could have been a bird that had enveloped itself in a special wind as it prepared to fly off to another world. He had never seen a woman wear her clothes with such apparent joy.."

"His memories had grown indistinct, but they were still there, where they had always been, with all the weight that memories can have.."

"To him, however, the money meant nothing. Once the records had dissapeared from his house, Tony Takitani was really alone.."



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