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Kim Hanbin
Saturday, July 16, 2016 Saturday, July 16, 2016 0 comments

Reason Why I LoveAdore, and Respect Kim Hanbin a.k.a B.I so Much!

From His Personality 

As a YG stan, i follow everything about YG including Hanbin when he just a kids. He so hardworking and keep post video of him. I'm a huge Hanbin Fan.. I find him an inspiring person as he was able to achieve his dreams on his own even though he had so many ups and downI've never seen someone put so much actual passion and dedication into the modern Korean music scene at his age. He works as if he'd hate himself if he didn't do his best. Just one of the reasons i see him differently than anyone else.

Even though he's coming from a rich family, i dont think his family spoil him. You can tell from his phone. He doesn't use IPhone like other people. Honestly, he can afford more than one IPhone. But he's such a humble person.

One day, the staff didn't allow members to take gifts from fans but look at how he carried all those fan gifts by himself. He even picked up a gift that was on the floor. How can you not love him?

Also, I can clearly see his sincerity of thanking the fans when he talks.

"Fans are my motivation to make music. I'm thankful they're not only experiencing the fun with us, but also sorrow. Fans are the people who helped me to write music. I feel really grateful. We will try our best and continue to make music without stopping." - Hanbin

B.I's Letter #iKONcert in Tokyo 160216

"While we were preparing for this concert, we were worried. Now, we are standing on the stage of our dreams. We are never more blessed. We wanted to give up at times. But what made us not give up was you support and love. While doing survival shows, the members were thankful to keep receiving support from Japan. Thank you. We are always thankful to youThank you everyone. To us, you are always in our heart. We will work hard to become the best groupPlease continue warmly supporting us.."

From Survival WIN (Who is Next) and Mix & Match 

 Hanbin leadership skills are genius. His member and Winner (during WIN era) respects him even when they're older. Not all leader can make their subordinates do that. He is a true leader in the right sense of the word. He's not perfect & still lacks in many ways but he's just the right, amount iKonics need for them to believe that iKon is gonna make it as big as Bigbang. That's why GD oppa said that they want iKon to debut as professionals like them.

- Member thoughts on Hanbin as a scary leader. However, Hanbin is nice. He's only strict during practices, since he's leader. And that's his charisma.

- One of the reason why i love Hanbin is that he's never ever full of himself. He always thinks about other first. He's so mature and he's very RESPONSIBLE for what he's doing. He's not just being a leader because he wanted to, or YG chose him too. But because he and everyone in YG know and understand that he CAN be a great leader for Team B and now iKON. He can lead the team well. He can protect the team well. He tried to protect everyone in Team B when they lost, he tried to comfort the members when he, himself was anxious to death. He didn't know what might happen to the team, he didn't know when they will get to debut after they lost. He was so embarassed for his members and family that he couldn't bring them to the TOP stair. He couldn't reach his ultimate goal that time. Thanks for protecting Team B and giving us iKON, Hanbin. I'm so glad iKON finally make an existance in music industry. 

"After WIN, there was a crisis when the members actually might have gotten all separated. Everyone was really anxious but we overcome that time supporting each other, so it was a great help. Hanbin-hyung told us he'll take everyone with him wihtout letting anyone fall behind. Bobby-hyung and Jinhwan-hyung also told us that our team will never get disbanded, so don't worry.." - Donghyuk

"I think he was born to be a leader. When he's like a sharp blade, he's extremely sharp. When we're learning choreography or recording, he's very sensitive and overflowing with charisma, but normally he's the complete opposite. I like it because he's slightly dorky." - Jinhwan

Kim Hanbin is hilarious. When they're practicing and one member gets it wrong, he's freaking pissed but if they got it wrong on stage, he leaves it out. He's like a tiger nitpicking everyone but once it's over he's sweet. Even with the members, like Goo Joonhoe who doesnt really joke around, would joke around B.I.

"He's Spartan leader. When we're working, he concentrates solely on that and gets things done in an orderly way, and when he sees a problem, he doesn't hesitate so shoot words that go straight to our minds. When he's working, he's very professional, but outside of work, he's an idiot (laugh)He's like a very close friend." - Junhoe

From His Family Issues 

People who fail to see the difference that there are different types of people. Some who are rich and arrogant while some are rich and humble (Hanbin). Some may not be rich but are still arrogant anyway and some are nice and warm. And for people to just assume someone is like this or like that without even knowing the individual on a personal level plainly shows how poor in judgement such people are. Whoever thought that Hanbin is arrogant cause he is rich, then they fail to see that Hanbin is sacrificed the comforts of being at home and getting what he wants and instead lived with people who have different backgrounds and learned to get what he wants the hard way and struggled to the top on his own hardwork. And this is not just Hanbin or YG Artist and Trainees. This implies to other trainees and artist.

This is why we should always not judge the book by it's cover. We should always try to understand the people around us. No matter what their personality / attitude is, there'll always be reasons behind it. So let's not give them hate right away. 

From SMTM #3

It's been 2 years since his audition for SMTM3. SMTM3 sure wasn't sweetest memories in Hanbin's life but it sure taught Hanbin a lesson that no matter how good and talented your family (people in YG) think of you are, the ousider doesn't ALWAYS think the same as your family towards you. You can't impress anybody outside of your family easily. SMTM3 never showed the stages where B.I does well and always showed the scene where he got his lyrics wrong and where he sprinkled water on audience. Because of that, his poll results got really bad. Hanbin got dissed so many times. He went under so much pressure during this. He received so many personal insults and he was only 17 at that time and already did 2 Survival. Tablo even scolded him.

Well, even though he didn't make it far like Bobby did, i'm proud that he managed to gave such a memorable farewell performance in SMTM3. And his track "Be I" is the first ever SMTM track that ever placed 1st on Melon Chart. B.I taught me that it's fine if you make mistake. B.I also grew up a lot and learned because of those mistake. Maybe it's embarrasing but if you already set the goals for your life, you will only learn from that mistake and be better to reach your goals.

Yes, that's the reason why i love him. 
He's so differentprofessional, and talented
B.I and Hanbin.. 
I love both sides of him. 
Every tear is worth fighting for we reach this far! 
Go B.i. Go Ikon. iKonics are here <3 font="">

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